Looking and feeling good is very important to everyone and also knowing that at Amaka our African food is readily available is comforting.  Here are some of our customer’s comments.


Mark - Auckland

hiii there OMGOSH i love the product the hair relaxer thank you so much!!! it has worked wonders for my hair it went from curly and fluffy to anti frizz and straight!! thank you so much im using the product on youtube to show my viewers how to use it :) i advitised your product as and the trade me link
thanks for saving my hair
mark :)


Teresa (Palm Oil, Malt Drinks, Garri, Chicken Knorr Cubes) – Mangere, Auckland

Mary (Palm Oil, Palm nut Cream, Malt Drinks, Garri, Chicken Knorr Cubes) – Mangere, Auckland

Ramata (Palm Oil, Palm nut Cream, Cerelac, Derica Tomatoes, Garri, Egusi (Melon seeds) – Mangere, Auckland

Christiana (Garri, Chicken Knorr Cubes, Palm Oil, Malt Drink) - Dannemora, Auckland

Delicious! It just reminds us so much of our beloved African countries


Edjiwa Ebenebe – Katikati, New Zealand

I was shopping at a mall in auckland and I was offered a free trial of the Black Opal products. I really liked the results and so I did some research online and found the website.


Luisa Petch – TV3 Hair and Make Up Artist

 “I love this product! As a make up artist Black Opal is a beautiful product to work with and apply to the skin. It has great pigmentation and blends beautifully. I have not found another product which compliments darker skin as well as Black Opal does”


Amber Haldane – Top New Zealand MakeUp Artist

 “As a professional makeup artist I rely on quality products. Black Opal cosmetics offers you a diverse range of colors with quality pigments .  From their foundations to their pressed powders. You can find the perfect color that matches exactly with the skin tone you are selecting for. I especially love their collection of fabulous lip-gloss colors . Perfect by themselves or over lipsticks . This is a brand that is affordable & every girl should have in their makeup kit.”


Sunila - Papatoetoe, Auckland

It’s a perfect match for my skin type, actually, I had never found anything this perfect for my skin tone. So easy to carry and lasts about the whole day without making skin oily.


Vilimena Davu – Ex-New Zealand Silver Fern

“I have to tell you I love the products, my hair has been really good! It’s been great and I love it, and also the make-up. Thank you very much for the lovely products.”


Theresa - Mangere, Auckland

I like it, it makes my hair very soft and easy to manage and I notice that it makes my hair grow.