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General FAQ

How much is freight?

If you spend over $100 at Amaka freight within New Zealand is FREE. Otherwise freight costs within New Zealand are $7.00 for North Island and $15 for South Island. International freight has a flat fee of $100.00


How long will my products take to get to me?

Products will be shipped out within 24 hours of placing your order and receiving payment.  All orders should be received within 3 - 4 business days. We will notify by email as soon as your order has been processed and is on its way.  


Where is Amaka Ltd located?

We are located 127 Great South, Papatoetoe (Opposite East Tamaki Road intersection, near Hunter’s Plaza), Auckland. You can find store information here


Do you supply outside of New Zealand?

Yes we ship world-wide.  However please contact us if you are interested in purchasing in bulk.


Can I make a booking at Amaka Salon online?

Yes you can, please fill out the booking form on the Salon Page



Hair & Beauty FAQ

Q: Can people who aren’t African-descent use hair care and styling products formulated for African-type hair?

A: Absolutely! These products are specifically targeted for anyone with thick, curly or frizzy hair.


Q: I can’t live without my hair straightener! Is it ok to use hair straightening irons every day?

A: No. The constant use of excessive heat can weaken and permanently alter your natural curls making them limp and wavy instead of curly. It is best to use the hair straightener occassionally and use the African Kings & Queens Leave in Cream or African Kings & Queens Gel Activator to keep your natural curls soft and manageable on the alternate days.


Q: I’m interested in having my hair chemically straightened, but I don’t completely understand the process. Exactly what does relaxing involve?

A: When a person’s hair is relaxed, it is chemically straightened. A relaxer works by penetrating into the cortex and breaking the strong chemical bonds that make hair curly. Relaxing hair begins by protecting the skin around the scalp with a protective cream or oil (such as petroleum jelly). A relaxer chemical is then applied to dry hair a section at a time and hair is processed for a specified time. Then, a rinse and neutralizing shampoo is applied to stop the relaxing process. Since relaxing can leave hair in weakened condition, a deep-penetrating treatment is often the final step. A mild straightening solution should be used on fine hair.


Hair that is thicker and more coarse can take a stronger solution. For touch ups, relaxer is applied only to new growth about every six weeks to three months depending on type of hair. Relaxers are strong chemicals that are best used by your stylist.


Q: How do I make my curls look soft and bouncy?

Curly hair doesn’t retain moisture as much as naturally straight hair, so it is prone to dryness. Therefore it is very important that you use the right hair care system. African Kings & Queens products are an excellent system developed specifically for curly hair types.


For dry hair you need to consistently do a deep treatment every week for at least one month. Deep Treatment is the single most important step in restoring and maintaining your hair’s health and beauty. Due to a curl’s tendency to lose nutrients and moisture, frequent deep conditioning is necessary to replenish strength, build body and minimize the tendency to frizz. Heat is an important part of the deep conditioning process. In order to be effective, the protein molecules must “melt” and bond together to restore the hair.

Q: How soon after I relax my hair can I use permanent hair colour?

A: Permanent hair colour should be applied no sooner than two weeks after the relaxer application. Apply Dark & Lovely Permanent Hair Colour after applying the Dark & Lovely No-Lye Relaxer for Colour-Treated Hair.


Make up

Before applying any make-up, clean your face with water which has a pinch of Soda Bicarbonate in it. Then apply ice cubes on the face. This enables the make-up to stay longer.

Concealer such as Black Opal Flawless Perfecting Concealer is used to hide dark circles around the eyes and it is also used to cover Blemishes and Scars.

A Beige Concealer is ideal for dark skin and one with natural tones for fairer skin. This should be spread evenly using a dry sponge or your fingers.

Now, apply the foundation. Foundation such as Black Opal is used to enhance the colour of the complexion.

Three basic types of Foundations may be used depending upon your Skin type. LIQUID,CREAM TO POWDER AND LOOSE POWDER.

According to US Make-up Artist Kevin Aucion, “make-up should blend with the colour of the neck not the face”

Foundations can be applied with a sponge or finger tips and blended into the hairline and along the jaw for natural finish. For a lighter coverage, dampen the applicator before dipping into the Foundation. Loose powder is best applied with a big brush.

For people with Oily Skin, use Black Opal OIL-FREE LIQUID FOUNDATION. It gives light coverage, leaves a matte finish and looks totally natural.

Black Opal Creme to Powder Foundation SPF 8 is Silky creme, leaves a long lasting, smooth flawless finish.

Translucent Powder such as Black Opal Delux Finishing Loose Powder is used to dust the face. This helps the Foundation to stay longer and any excess powder should be brushed off. Black Opal Oil Absorbing Pressed Powder is available in shades to compliment our foundations.

Finally, a Foundation works best with a good concealer. Make sure your concealer matches your skin tone perfectly. It is best to dab on your concealer lightly before applying your foundation, that way the Foundation will not wipe off the concealer. You can apply a Translucent Powder after – to conceal the Concealer.

And Blusher should then be blended evenly along the cheek bones.