Palm Products

Many people wonder "What is palm oil?"  It's a fantastic tasty alternative to regular cooking oils.  Don't worry, all our palm products are harvested from plantations in Ghana and Nigeria in West Africa not Indonesia or Malaysia.  We only supply top quality 100% natural, organic palm nut cream and palm oil.  Give your soups and stews the authentic flavour West African flavour.

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Praise/FRESH AND TASTY Palm Nut Cream - 800g
Palm nut cream is derived from palm fruit oil. It is similar to palm oil but made in a concentrated ..
$17.00 $17.00
Ruker/Praise/Zomi/AMAKA Palm Oil 2litre
Ruker Red Palm Oil from Ghana is a delicious authentic flavour for all your dishes. Great taste, exc..
$30.00 $30.00