Kings & Queens

Kings & Queens

Whether you have natural curls or a perm, your hair will love Kings & Queens direct from USA. These products can only be purchased from your nearest pharmacy or directly from us.

Kings and Queens Gel Activator gave our model well defined soft curls that remains soft all day.  This is the only gel known to keep curls looking soft, shiny and wet all day without drying or flaking, guaranteed! Use daily on Curly, Wet or Dry Hair. We believe that you will be very impressed.  

This liquid gold hair moisturising gel was pioneered by the founder and owner who helped revolutionise the afro hair care industry world-wide.

[Make-up used on her is to give her the flawless look is Black Opal]

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Kings & Queens Super Freeze Spray - Want your Dread to be SMOOTH, you got it here
Alcohol free, extreme hold spray. Especially great for upstyles and dreadlocks. ..
$25.00 $25.00
Kings & Queens Super Grow
African Kings & Queens Super Grow Hair Nutrient is hair food formula that is light and gives shi..
$22.00 $22.00
Kings & Queens Super Styling Gel OR Eco Styling Gel - PS indicate which one.
Alcohol free super holding Liquid gel especially designed for moulding hair into any style. ..
$25.00 $25.00
Immediately helps stop Itching and Frizzes while leaving a light glossy sheen. Excellent for all tex..
$18.00 $18.00