African Cassava(Lafun) Flour - Tapioca / Mandioca / Manioca 1kg

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Cassava (Manihot esculenta, crantz) is also known as Manioc / Manioca / Mandioca.  It is tropical root crop and major staple food, supplying about 70% of the daily calories intake of 50 million Nigerians. Globally, cassava is consumed by an estimated half a billion people. It is used in Latin cooking (Pão de queijo), Pacific and Asian cooking.

The unit operations involved in Cassava Flour process technology include: Sorting, Weighing, Peeling, Washing, Grating, Fermentation, Dewatering, Granulating, Dehydration, Milling, Sieving and Packaging.

Cassava Flour is also known as Tapioca.  It is a resistant starch not only that helps keep your colon healthy but also controls your glucose level if you have issues with diabetes.  Mix 1 tablespoon with a glass of cold water and drink.

Gluten-free flour - great for paleo cooking!

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